Data Assessment

Data is any information collected or generated and can contain information on almost anything.

Privacy is the secrecy and security of a person’s data and and non-disclosure of it.

It is impossible to remain completely anonymous on the internet. There always is and always will be some person or some company that collects the data you generate by using the internet. Even if you have taken measures to keep your anonymity there will always be small hints that lead back to you.

Although it may be impossible to be 100% anonymous it is possible to be anonymous enough to not be found or disadvantaged by the lack of full anonymity. This “good enough” anonymity could be achieved by limiting the amount of information about you to be as little as possible or by using misleading information (e.g. fake name, using a VPN).

Data collection through the internet should be regulated to prevent identity theft, disclosure of sensitive data, and violation of users’ privacy. A company should be allowed to collect data as long as they have not violated these regulations.

Without regulation of data collection a company could easily gather enough information about a user that the person could be tracked, watched, or even have their accounts hijacked. If the government is given too much power to regulate what companies gather the companies that rely on data collection will suffer. The government may also use its regulatory power to regulate more than what the law restricts and reducing usability of the internet.


The use of data in this situation caused a chef to lose his job. In addition to losing his current job he may have difficulty finding a new job although his post has been deleted and he has claimed it was a joke.

In this situation i believe it was justifiable to use data to reveal this. If his privacy had been kept he may have actually followed through with his threat despite later claiming it was a joke.  In cases like this where safety is at risk people’s private data should be used if it is to ensure safety.

If this situation had occurred in 1996 it would be a bit different and he may have not been caught. The threat would not have been made on social media it would instead be most likely in an email. If the recipient of the email did not present it to the public the threat may never be known. If the recipient were to reveal the contents of the email to the public the consequences would be the same as the actual event.

Based solely on data I generate I am:

A student in high school who is an amateur programmer. This person often comments on social media in a sarcastic manner. This person also uses google search as a calculator and a spell checker frequently.

I do not think any data I generate would negatively affect my ability to get a job.


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