how high can you count on your fingers?

Counting in binary you can get up to 1023 on your fingers, a finger up represents a one and a finger down represents a zero. With one finger you can count up to 2, with two fingers you can count up to 4, with 3 fingers you can count to 8. The number you can count is how many digits one finger can represent to the power of how many fingers there then subtracting 1 to account for zero. Using this we can find how high we can count with binary (2^10)-1 = 1023. Counting with a base 5 system using the knuckles on your fingers and bending fingers backwards to represent 0-4. No knuckles up is zero, one up is a zero, two up is a 2, and 3 up is a 3 and bent back is 4. From here you follow the same pattern as the binary solution giving us an answer of (5^10)-1 = 9765625 . Final answer is 9,765,625.


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