Autonomous Shipping Vehicles

Although many tech companies and car manufacturers are developing self driving cars, they are not the only autonomous vehicles that companies have an interest in. Many companies are using autonomous vehicle technology for shipping purposes. The self driving technology of cars is being applied to trucks, boats, and even trains to reduce costs. Replacing human workers with machine automation removes labor costs and saves companies lots of money. These vehicles don’t need rest or living space so more cargo can be carried in a shorter trip. Allowing the vehicle to drive is also much safer. A computer wont fall asleep at the wheel or quit their job and abandon their vehicle at a truck stop. The number of truck drivers is decreasing and this isn’t due to automation taking these jobs. People just don’t want the job, its a hard job. It is expected that there will be a shortage of truck drivers in the near future. Automating transportation of goods will keep these industries going no matter how few people wish to work in them.



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